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  • Acta Mathematica Scientia
    , found in 1981 by late Professor Guoping LI (Kwok Ping LEE), the first year’s academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and a famous mathematician, which is entrusted by the academic circle of mathematical sciences of China, aims at presenting to the specialized readers (from the level of a graduate and upward) important, novel achievements in the areas of mathematical sciences. The journal considers for publication original research papers in all areas related to the frontier branches of mathematics with other fields of science and technology. It is sponsored by Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS. The Journal publishes one volume annually, comprising 10 issues in two series: Series A is published bimonthly by Science Press of China in Chinese, whereas Series B is published quarterly by Science Press of China and Elsevier Ltd in English. Papers published in Series A (or Series B) do not appear in Series B (or Series A). The Journal has a wide distribution all over the world, and Elsevier is responsible for the promotion, publication, and distribution of the Electronic Edition of Ser. B on Science Direct worldwide.

    The first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal was Academician Guoping LI. The first Editorial Committee comprised famous scholars, including Academician Jiaxi LU, Academician Zhaozhi GUAN, Academician Wenjun WU, and so on. The incumbent Editorial Committee comprised 57 scientists, including Honorary Editors-in-Chief Academician Wenjun WU, Xiqi DING, Editors-in-Chief Academician Banghe LI, Professor Gui-Qiang CHEN, Professor Xiping ZHU.

    From the time the Journal was founded, with the guidance of CAS at various levels and the Editorial Committee of the Journal, we insist on the key points of our journal, try our best to publish the latest research achievements, to present the academic information of China and abroad, to promote communication and development, to guide and support young scientists, and to transform theories into applications as well. The Journal has its own characteristics and great effect and social benefit in the domestic and international circles of mathematics and physics.

    As an international journal of mathematics, the Journal is acclaimed and is well known among the mathematicians for its quality. All the papers in the Journalmainly focus on the research achievements in the fields of mathematical sciences. Since 1983, Ser. B has always been a source journal of Science Citation Index (Extended). Meanwhile, the Journal is abstracted/indexed in many periodicals and databases such as Mathematical Reviews (USA), Computer and Mathematics Citation Index, Zentralblatt Math. (Germany), (Russian), Chinese
    Mathematical Documentary Database
    , Chinese Science Journal Citation Index, and Chinese Mathematics Abstract. Ser.A was declared as one of the three excellent mathematical periodicals among 100 excellent academic periodicals held in China in 2001. Ser.B was definitely regarded as the double-effect periodical in “China Periodicals Square Array” by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China in 2000 and others;  awarded a prize of excellent journal of Hubei province both in 2006 and 2010;  evaluation for 'high-quality goods of second session of Chinese sci-tech periodicals' by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China in 2011;  awarded a prize of excellent high-quality goods journal of Hubei province of the eighth in 2012;  elected by the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television as China's 'top science and technology journals' in 2013;  awarded a prize of excellent journal of Hubei province of the 9th and the best beautiful journals in China in 2014;  supported by 'Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals' in 2016.

    To fit in with internationalization of academic development, we are trying our best to extend this journal’s international influence and to make the Journal be the first class of academic periodical.

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