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  • Guide for Reviewer

    The aim of ACTA MATHEMATICA SCIENTIA is to present to the specialized readers (from the level of a graduate student and upward) important, novel achievements in the areas of mathematical sciences. The Journal considers for publication of original research (expository) papers in all areas related to the frontier branches of mathematics with other science and technology.  Could you please help as a reviewer in evaluating if the scientific and literary aspects of the attached manuscript meet our standards. We welcome and will pass on to authors your suggestions for improving the manuscript. Your comments will be conveyed anonymously to the authors unless you clearly indicate in your review that you wish your identity to be made known.

    Peer reviewers require both fairness in judgment and expertise in the field. Peer reviewers also have significant responsibilities toward authors, editors, and readers. Peer-review of Acta Mathematica Scientia Articles includes:

    To authors
    · Providing written unbiased feedback in a timely manner on the scholarly merits and the scientific value of the work, together with a documented basis for the reviewer’s opinion.
    · Indicating whether the writing is clear, concise, and relevant and rating the work’s composition, scientific accuracy, originality, and interest to readers.
    · Avoiding personal comments or criticism.
    · Refraining from direct author contact without the editors permission.

    To editors
    · Notifying editor immediately if unable to review in a timely manner and providing the names of potential other reviewers.
    · Determining scientific merit, originality, and scope of the work; indicating ways to improve it; and recommending acceptance or rejection while using a rating scale.
    · Noting any ethical concerns, such as substantial similarity between the reviewed manuscript and any published paper or any manuscript concurrently submitted to another journal.
    · Alerting the editor about any potential personal or financial conflict of interest and declining to review when a possibility of a conflict  exists.

    To readers
    · Ensuring that the published articles adhere to the journal's standards.
    · Protecting readers from incorrect or flawed research or studies that cannot be validated by others.
    · Being alert to any failure to cite relevant work by other scientists.

    Thank you

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